FiddlerStudios and Van’s Websites are a lot alike. So there’s not a lot that will change. However, a few things will have to change to allow us to move forward as a single company and not two, each with it’s own rules, setup, and service. So here’s what all this means for you:

For the time being not much will need to change for you. You’ll continue to get hosting for $15/month without any included support, updates, or other management beyond the basics that we provide to all. Your sites will continue to run on and and we honor any pre-purchased support hours you have in your account. You can also buy support as needed for $50/hr for the next month. One thing that will change for you is that the normal hourly support rate at Fiddler Online is $75. So on Sat. April 21st the price will become $75/hr for all Fiddler Online clients.

There’s nothing else that will change anytime soon for you. However, there are some very cool things that could change for you, if you want it to:

Awesome New Website Design

For one, we do custom design. If clients rarely seem to contact you or buy your product/service, after looking at your website, it could be because the design is dated, or the site is not very good at encouraging customers to do something. We call this a “conversion.” Your site needs to be conversion-focused. If it’s not setup well to encourage people to visit your store, call and reserve a room, buy something directly from your website, or whatever would most help your business succeed, it’s not conversion-focused. Site’s that aren’t conversion-focused are not a good asset to your company, and therefore mostly just a waste of money.

The same is true for sites that are poorly designed or dated. Visitors don’t feel comfortable working with businesses that don’t present themselves very well. So even if your phone number is obvious, they’re still not going to call (or whatever you want them to do).

We noticed that several of your sites could really use a design update that included a conversion-focus. We’d love to talk to each of you individually about possibilities for a new design and upgrade. We’ll even let you trade in your pre-paid support hours that were purchased before March 1st, at $50/hr. That will make the price of the new design is even cheaper than our already great prices! That means you’ll make $25 for each support hour you purchased, just because we decided to buy Van’s Websites. You didn’t have to do anything.

Here’s some great sites we’ve designed (notice their conversion-focus):

Better “Hosting”

We can also offer you better “hosting” as part of getting a website upgrade. You might be thinking “well, what’s wrong with what I have now, it works doesn’t it?” That’s partly why we hate to call it “hosting.” We provide hosting and a whole lot more. A few things we provide are things like 1hr of support each month that’s included in your monthly price. We also do daily and weekly backups, and include regular security scans of your website. We also (and this is critical) include regular updates to WordPress (which your site runs on), and all its plugins and themes.

For more information on this, please see our recent article Why Fiddler Online Charges $75 for “Hosting”.

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